Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo scoring for Barcelona after seven games

The seventh game against Barcelona, ​​Cristiano Ronaldo made his first goal. The poor run of Portuguese in the games against the Catalans came to an end with a penalty goal in the classic match at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. And that goal from the penalty spot helped him to equal his record as a striker to score his goal 42, the same mark reached in Manchester United three seasons ago.

  • As for the match against Barcelona, ​​the Portuguese took six games and the balance was just bad: it had won only once (08-09 Champions League semi-final at Old Trafford) and none of the six parties had been able score a goal. The bad luck came to an end on Saturday, where Christian was able to celebrate the first goal of Madrid in this classic, since the Portuguese signed by whites.

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