Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lady Gaga revealed cover of their album "Born This Way"

Lady GaGa has released the cover of his album 'Born This Way '. Once again, the superstar has managed to surprise with a striking image where it appears as half human and half motorcycle. Gaga Twitter launched the image along with some lyrics of his song (Road To Love): 'Get ready to war because we fall in love tonight. Prepare for war, because we drink to die. " Lady Gaga has described his new album 'Born This Way' as a drug. She said: "Born This Way 'is the album is marijuana and heroin.

  • - Attention Little Monsters, great news, I will unveil the cover of the album 'Born This Way' at 1 am tonight. It will be upside down! "announced the singer after he leaked her new song" Judas. "

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