Saturday, March 26, 2011

Madonna attended a party dressed as Chaplin

Madonna, The Queen of Pop "attended an event for the feast of Purim dressed all in Charlie Chaplin. The black suit that the actor used in his now familiar role in "The Tramp" made ​​it completely unrecognizable Madonna shone on the night of the party.

The singer wore a pair of baggy pants, a dense layer, a small derby hat, mustache and little of the great comic actor.

Diva attended the evening accompanied by famous photogs Steve Klein and their children Lourdes and Rocco 14 years 10.

Is known to have spent part of her Kabbalah faith and often welcomes the significant dates in the Jewish calendar.

- Our Comments: As always surprise her with a new style of clothing .. but he looks good isn't it? This gorgeous as always .. Luckily for her

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