Monday, March 21, 2011

Messi meets year striker with 60 goals

The Barcelona should be eternally grateful to Pep Guardiola. Not only achieved by the six titles in a season, nor by the great football practice, or by the image he projects, and endless arguments. One of the great achievements of Pep Guardiola, has been released to Leo Messi on the right wing and making a false '9 ', giving greater voice and participation in the interplay of FC Barcelona.

Today marks one year since that invention was no longer merely a test to become a reality. It was the March 21, 2010, when the Blaugrana Pep visited La Romareda and surprised everyone by placing a striker Messi as false. Messi got a hat-trick scoring one of his best dressing in the spring of FC Barcelona. Messi started the highest scoring era.

Since then, he has scored 60 goals spread among 40 league, 10 in the Champions League, seven in the Cup and three in the Super Cup. The change of position on the board has made a forward Blaugrana star clear of all charges. Meets the best killer instinct '9 'with the magic and vision of the game the best '10', in other words, Messi has become the complete player.

The Argentine has always recognized happier in this new position: "Perhaps I am more in touch with the ball closer to the midfield who are always handling the ball and play. I have more coming from behind the arc see more . Yes, the truth that is where I feel most comfortable. "

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