Monday, March 21, 2011

The Egyptians adopted its constitution change

The majority of Egyptian voters overwhelmingly approved constitutional changes that will result in parliamentary and presidential elections within a few months in accordance with a historic referendum whose results were announced late yesterday.

"Allah will not change a people until they change by itself," said the president of the Supreme Judicial Commission for the Supervision of the Constitutional Referendum in Egypt, Mohamed Ahmed Atiya, quoting the Koran at the beginning of the press conference.

77.2% of voters accepted the amendment to the Constitution, while 22.8% rejected it.

Of the 45 million who were summoned to the polls, 18 million 537 thousand 954 people exercised their right to vote, representing a participation rate of 41.19%.

The opposition has expressed fears that the rush to the holding of elections benefit the extremist Muslim Brotherhood and former members of the ruling party in the country.

The Brotherhood had an intense campaign for "yes" in the consultation that took place on Saturday. According to critics, the Brotherhood and former ruling party, as the best organized political forces, they might get the most votes in elections developed.

The next election will come the first democratically elected government replaced the regime of deposed President Hosni Mubarak.

The dissemination of the results of the referendum safety campaign season will create a very lively and encourage the democratic forces in the formation of political parties to the dispute of the charges of the popular vote.

Many who were at the forefront of the wave of protests that became popular in the output of Mubarak, after 30 years in power, February 11, want a constitution that breaks completely new presidential monopoly that existed during the former regime of the country.

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