Sunday, March 27, 2011

Selena Gomez shows off new look in Twitter

Selena Gomez sent this picture by pointing his Twitter account he had spent a Saturday night rather amusing. The striking new styling of the Queen of Disney has called the attention of his fans have immediately called his new look. Two days ago Twitter Selena sent in a photo where Lovato Demi was dating after having dinner together, it appears that the relationship between them has improved and old grudges are forgotten. And now the star of''The Wizards of Waverly Place''has surprised its fans with this new look. "One night very, very funny" by posting Gomez along with the photo and immediately adolescents speculate that this is your new face. Currently only known to the beautiful girlfriend of Justin Bieber keeps up with its funny all tweets. - Our Comments: As always she come up with something new and this time it's a new look .. it looks beautiful right?

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