Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dido New Album while awaiting the arrival of their baby

Dido does not yet know the sex of your baby, but wait until the day of delivery to meet him.

"I'm too curious,''said the British singer-songwriter in a recent interview." There will be surprise enough that day. "

Dido's baby born in the mid-year. The 2011 began with a good start for the artist: She was nominated for an Oscar for the lyrics of If I Rise of the tape 127 Hours, and is finishing her first album.

"It's almost ready,''he said last month, referring to his next album." The music will begin to arrive just as it passes this year.''

Dido, perhaps best known for her song Thank You, which was used for the theme Stan Eminem said his new album transports it to its roots in electronic music. Again working with his brother, Rollo Armstrong and other producers.

"It was a totally enjoyable album''he said." It's a real mix, and a fun way, is a combination of everything, a kind of electronic extravagance. It's much more electronic than the last record.''

Safe Trip Home, released in 2008, was the last studio album by Dido. Now, he is more eager to present their songs to the public that its last production.

"I did not want to tour with that album for a long time, partly because it is a very dark album that, while this has many funny things,''said the singer, 39.

But, of course, before starting a new tour Dido, will be handling your first priority: your new baby. Not presented at the Oscars because of her pregnancy and, once born, is scheduled to take a break.

"There's a real quiet regarding why it is very nice. Your decisions were taken by you in some way,''he said." You just have this priority is not negotiable and I think that gives lots of peace.''

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