Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan is beaten and hit by strong earthquake

An earthquake of 8.9 magnitude on the Richter scale has struck the northeastern coast of Japan and has caused an unknown number of dead and missing.

The quake, the largest in Japan in 140 years and the fifth strongest in the world, has caused a tsunami alert on all coasts of the Pacific, including Peru.

The death tolls rise as reports arrive from the disaster zone. For example, it is reported that over 200 people drowned by the tsunami in Sendai, in Miyagi Prefecture.

It is feared that the death toll to rise as the count progresses in affected areas as there are collapsed buildings in several areas and in some places, the tsunami did the waters go deep as five kilometers inland.

The quake triggered a fire at the nuclear power of the Tohoku Electric Power Company in the town of Onagawa Japan, as reported by Kyodo news agency.

Meanwhile, a ship with a hundred people on board disappeared off the coast of Ishinomaki, dragged down by giant tsunami waves. Until the end of this note know the whereabouts of the boat.

It should be noted that the epicenter of the earthquake in Japan was in the Pacific Ocean, 130 kilometers from the Ojika peninsula and a depth of 20 km, in the same area two days ago there was another 7.3-magnitude earthquake caused no damage .

Internet giant Google has made available to users with a search of people to contact the people who are now in Japan. Available in English and Japanese.

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