Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Justin Bieber Fan hack of its competitor in the 2011 Grammy

Justin Bieber's fanatics were very angry with Esperanza Spalding after winning the Grammy for Best New Artist, the same category in which it was nominated singer of 16 years and so decided to hack your home page from Wikipedia.
Spalding assured fans that "grabbed the title from his idol 'and full of anger and personal information changed the name of the Grammy-winning Esperanza leaving it as' Quesadilla' Spalding.

'now has the 2011 Grammy for best new artist, even though no one has heard of it, "wrote the fans in the profile of Spalding, as confirmed by CNN.

Bieber's followers expressed their anger through Twitter. Messages like "I stole the prize Bieber ', circulated by the network after news of his loss at the Grammys.

With this, and go two times the shell followers 'Baby' is going against a celebrity. When they met images of Selena Gomez and Justin very close walking on a yacht, hundreds of threatening messages began to reach out to the young singer from being around him.

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