Monday, March 14, 2011

Justin Bieber slept on the bus in Liverpool?

The singer Justin Bieber, made a big concert in Liverpool, where thousands of girls raved with the mere presence of the singer. Almost canceled the concert because the followers surrounded the hotel Canadian and not let anyone enter or leave.

The concert was held on March 11 was a success. But Bieber to not end a long night because he would not return to his hotel room because he reported that two fans entered his room.

The Daily Mirror reported that two girls aged 16 and 18 had entered her luxury room cleaning staff dressed. And "while inside, the girls began to act as if the tables cleaned and dust removed. When made sure they were alone, he went to bed and started taking pictures with mobile phone of his personal effects. A team member Justin was in another part of the room heard them laughing immediately discovered and pulled out of place "

Upon learning this fact the singer of "Baby" did not return to his room and many say they had to sleep on the bus tour.

Despite the enormous levels of security, two young fans managed to get dressed as cleaners and to see the singer.

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