Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ke $ ha will be the image of condoms campaign

Ke $ ha have decided Not to want to stay away from the crusades to Promote safe sex. 'TMZ' reports That the pop singer has partnered with a brand of condoms to Remember the Importance of relations with protection.

According To the site, the singer of "Tik Tok"has Reached an Agreement with 'Lifestyles Condoms' to place your image in 10 000 condom wrappers.

To Ensure That Their fans will use Them, Ke $ ha, ALSO PLANS to distribute to Their fans DURING Their upcoming shows. The campaign for safe sex - and birth control, by the way - Which Is Supported by Ke $ ha, will begin on Monday.

Our Comment: It Seems I remember well That it is important to use condoms to Protect Them from disease .. Be in Relationships hits for her.

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