Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kobe Bryant, Kanye West and Bruce Willis star in "The Black Mamba"

Nike surprised with amazing short film, now starring the world basketball star Kobe Bryant, the musician Kanye West and actor Bruce Willis. It's "The Black Mamba", the story of how American basketball player imagines his film with director Robert Rodriguez.

The filmmaker, author of films such as Machete and Sin City, will be explaining to Bryant as the movie of his alter ego, "The Black Mamba", while terrible villains appear personified by Danny Trejo, star of "Machete"and Bruce Willis.

The culmination of the short time is when Kobe has to face the top leader of Evil, The Boss, played by rapper Kanye West. The villain is determined to stay with the Nike Zoom Kobe VI and soul of the athlete. As always, the outcome is spectacular with elements of humor and unique effects.

Kobe Bryant this weekend became the first athlete to leave their handprints and feet on the walk of fame in Hollywood.

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