Friday, March 11, 2011

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were evacuated by Earthquake in Japan

The actors and the whole team was working on shooting the next installment in the saga 'Twilight' had to be evacuated from Vancouver emergency for fear of possible tsunami following the earthquake of 8.9 degrees that has gripped Japan. Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart and other actors who plays the pack of werewolves in the series have been one of the most terrifying moments of their lives. They were filming scenes in Vancouver, British Columbia, where they have reported that they had to urgently leave the region before the tsunami alert has been declared throughout the American West thing.

The city where production was taking place, Tofino, contains a long stretch of exposed coast in the western most point of the island and it was seen in the previous installment in the Twilight Saga New Moon.

Tinsel Korey, the actress who plays Emily in 'Twilight' Twitter has narrated in those moments of uncertainty and fear. "We are evacuating for a tsunami warning. If this is my last tweet: I love you. End." Minutes later published: "If this is the time, I had a good life and am grateful for everything you have given me."

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