Monday, March 14, 2011

Madonna hard hit after her grandmother's death

The international megaerestrella Madonna announced that she is "very concerned" by the death of his nonagenarian grandmother, Elsie Mae Fortin, who was about to reach 100 years old.

Liz Roseberg, a spokesman for the star, said the artist did not make any statement about the death, and that she was someone very special part of its support from childhood and now that she spent long seasons.

The singer had a great relationship with her grandmother for 99 years, who had cared for her when Veronica Ciccone's mother died of cancer in 1969. Madonna and her grandmother lived in the home town of Madonna, Bay City, Michigan, where he died surrounded by family and friends.

Silvio Ciccone, the father of the 'Queen of Pop ", said Elsie came to visit very often because she lived alone and that the last time you talked to her was two weeks ago.

Our Review: From here we send our condolences to Madonna by the death of someone so special to her .. I wish you many blessings.

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