Sunday, March 13, 2011

Messi T donates to help victims in Bolivia

Argentine footballer Lionel Messi sent to Bolivia one of his shirts to be auctioned for families affected by natural disasters that have occurred in the country, reported the president of the club Bolivar, Guido Loayza. Messi gave the jersey to the coach of Bolivar, Guillermo Hoyos, who was in Spain a few days ago, said the official in a local sports program. Hoyos worked for a while in the lower divisions of Barcelona, ​​where he met and became friends Messi.
Since the rains began in late December, some 14,000 families have been affected by overflowing rivers and landslides have caused loss of their farmland and homes across the country, referring to official data, at a time which at least 14 municipalities are on alert to the risk of further rainfall.
One of the worst disaster occurred on February 26 in La Paz, the administrative capital of the country, where large-scale landslide left about 6,000 homeless people living in a suburban area, located east of the city.
The disaster, which left no casualties for the timely evacuation ordered by the municipality, has attracted unprecedented solidarity movement of thousands of citizens and media that have been organized to collect aid for the victims.
On Thursday of last week, former players from the Bolivian national team that won the historic qualification for the 1994 World Cup played a friendly match against a combined team of La Paz with the purpose of raising funds.
The initiative, which involved the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, brought together some 33,000 people. It raised about $ 50,000, was officially reported.

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