Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miley Cyrus misses Hannah Montana

When everyone thought Miley Cyrus wanted to leave behind his past as a child Disney to focus on his career and give a much more "mature", is that the missing singer Hannah Montana incarnate.

Miley Cyrus has been sincere in the program 'Saturday Night Life', confessing that he misses being Hannah Montana. "Yes I miss doing all that, you know." And that is that the singer has been doing for 12 years the student who led a double life and was actually a pop star Hannah Montana. Thanks to this character got a world-renowned record audiences in the series, millions of album sales and hit in the lists of the most heard.

But Hannah Montana has grown, and decided to leave behind the alter ego for Miley Cyrus just a pop singer. At 18 years after starring in the odd scandal, does not forget his past as a child Disney.

Otherwise something does your father, Billy Ray Cyrus, who never hesitates to say that the set of Hannah Montana ruined his life. Fully immersed in the process of divorce from his wife Tish, said: "This series ...* evil destroyed my family. I hate to say it, but fall back in time for a moment."

In this interview, Miley Cyrus also confesses that she loves mustaches and beards, and do not hesitate to joke and even tested some false. "I collect all kinds of things with the mustache, pins, mugs and people."

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