Monday, March 7, 2011

Natalie Portman, ten things you did not know about it

Natalie has just won his first Oscar for best actress for her performance in the film "The black swan." The actress, currently awaiting a child with her boyfriend Benjamin Millepied choreographer, has one of the most intriguing biographies. Get the details best kept, their confrontations with the press, their past romances and his social activism.

1. Environmental activist. She not only follows a vegetarian diet since she was eight, but also has a green shoe line, not using any type of animal skin. What raises the actress with this business, environmental organizations and donates to animal welfare.

2. Eccentric boyfriend. He was engaged to the singular musician Devendra Banhart. Portman took part in a fun video of the musician and that is where she met him. The song that gives rise to the romance and the video called "Carmensita."

3. Multilingual. She can speak five languages: Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, French and English.

4. Portman welcomed the surname (maiden name of her grandmother) as his stage name. The real name of the actress is Natalie Hershlag.

5. Jealous rage. Natalie, in 2007, turned up to Buenos Aires and interrupted a dinner with her boyfriend Gael Garcia back then, and Dolores Fonzi. Confronted the couple and assaulted a journalist out of Argentina. Their suspicions, however, were confirmed. After the actor announced his engagement to Fonzi.

6. She was a member of the jury of Cannes Film Festival in the 2008 edition.

7. Past "music? Could call it that. She was a member of a band called The World Patrol Kids, before his career started his film career. Not the best of his biography that participation.

8. Disappointment for the fans. Portman prohibited by contract to do nude scenes in his movies.

9. Born in Jerusalem. At one point there was some confusion over whether or not it had to do compulsory military service in the Israeli army.

10. His favorite actor is Ben Kingsley.

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