Thursday, March 17, 2011

Parents of Miley Cyrus stop divorce proceedings

It seems that the parents of Miley Cyrus will stay together after all despite the fact that late last year (2010) Billy Ray and his wife Tish had signed papers to begin the process of divorce.

During a recent interview on 'The View', the father of Miley Cyrus said he has decided not to continue with the separation and has proposed to strengthen the bonds between family members.

'I cast aside the divorce. I want my family is together again ... Things are better than they ever have been, "said country singer.

"I feel like I've recovered to Miley, I feel that we are the father and daughter who used to be before 'Hannah Montana,''said Billy Ray Cyrus.

- Our comment: We hope you will join again for the good of the whole family, from here we send you good luck.

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