Sunday, March 13, 2011

Robert Pattinson has an addiction alos chocolates?

Robert Pattinson has confessed an addiction, is attached to the M & M's, candy coated chocolate that rage in the U.S. and much of the planet. The actor in the Twilight saga is not Acquired Immunodeficiency taste of these little chocolates and as has confessed to the issue of U.S. Magazine, the M & M's are his favorite treat and gets to eat the lot of 40 bags each week.

As he told the artist who plays vampire Edward Cullen, he believes that his passion for this product is something unusual on the verge of dangerous. "It's ridiculous, me and about 40 bags of M & M's a week is insane!" Says Pattinson, half joking, half alarmed by the large amount of chocolate consumed in just seven days.

"I'm something of a compulsive guzzler, I will be very fat when I'm old!" Said the alleged boyfriend of his co-star in Twilight, Kristen Stewart, with whom he is currently shooting the penultimate film in the series, ' Dawn I '. Although the vast majority of fans believe that Robert Pattinson has a body enviable, worthy of admiration, it is likely that if you keep eating M & M's at that rate in a few months change the tabletita of chocolate for a budding belly, from his terrible addiction. In the interview published in the magazine, the actor shows his great sense of humor and says he does not understand very well the reputation of 'sexy newcomer' who have put their fans.

In addition, Pattinson speaking in another interview with Vanity Fair magazine and explained that his life is anti-scandals, although he confesses he admires the actor Charlie Sheen, very fashionable in recent days after being fired from the series' Two and a Half Men '. Twilight actor admits that he likes "crazy people who do not care" what the media say about him.

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