Saturday, March 12, 2011

Robert Pattinson played the piano with an international band

I think I could never be in front of a piano to play it. That is, once again, I think, I had a piano so close to me, but he was very young, did not let me touch it, and when the person who touched it just was amazed. For me, the piano is the ideal tool to make people love music. Has a special charm that no other instrument has. I do not know, I love and I hope someday learn to play, no matter if I do as well as Robert Pattinson.

The actor shared a musical moment with the band "Preservation Hall" in French Quarter of New Orleans, where Pattinson took part in a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. "

The band director, Ben Jaffe, told how well they unfolded Robert Pattinson at the piano: "When we first started, none of us really knew that Robert was playing the piano, but when he joined us, he began to make these notes , and it became obvious that he not only was pressing the keys, but they really could play. "

I think many knew the musical talents of Robert, but it is good that other musicians will recognize them. And the "Preservation Hall" does have an authoritative voice to tell what is good or bad, and that just mentioning his career (this year celebrates 50 years)

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