Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shakira wants her impersonator conoser nicknamed "Shakiro"

Here I share the video to all of you to find that actually looks a lot like her voice

His name is Rodolfo Burgos, Chile and recently shot to fame after participating in "I Am ", a TV talent competition in a Chilean chain. Although members of the jury were taken to teasing his nickname "Shakira" little slow to stay speechless after checking that the imitation was almost a "decal"of true Shakira.

The tone and timbre of the voice of "Shakira is so similar to the Colombian Shakira's own, after hearing the imitation, has shown through Facebook your interest in this film personally to Chile. The reactions in the network does not have to wait and literally sweeping the video on youtube. Few have been the media that have not echoed the news.

Our comment: This is a man who imitates the voice of the singer as if she really .. do you think?

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