Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's next for Two and Half Men?

So, what should happen now on Two and a Half Men? How can they explain Charlie's absence? His actor uncle had been offering to appear on the show while Sheen went through treatment, but that wouldn't work now.

They could kill Sheen off. Or they could explain that he's been given a long prison sentence, but his brother would need to visit him in prison. Maybe they could say that Charlie was arrested while traveling abroad.

They could do what they did on the old Bewitched and simply have another guy replace Charlie Sheen without explanation.

If they replace him with a new character, should it be another Charlie Sheen-like character? Or should Jon Cryer advance in rank and take on Sheen's characteristics while the new character moves in and is horrified at his hedonistic lifestyle?

And here's an idea: The show is called Two and Half Men. The kid is considered a half-man. What if Charlie Sheen is gone and two more teenagers move into the house?

Or what if they move out of the house? Sheen has finally kicked out Alan and Jake and they move in with another wealthy relative with an objectionable lifestyle.

What if they did it as a dramatic spin-off, like the way the serious drama Lou Grant spun off from The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Jon Cryer helps Angus T Jones cope with teen difficulties.

Probably just time to call it quits.

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