Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beyonce looks beautiful set of heart on the cover of "Self"

The singer Beyoncé appears again in the media with a guitar body on the cover of the September issue of the magazine 'Self'.

Speaking to the publication, the singer spoke of their social work. "I always thought you have to donate because it's what you can do to help, "he said.

"It's not really anything to be praised. For a while, I kept silent about who and how to help, and it was a conscious decision. When we look at all that is evil in the world, the need to do something, not matter how big or small, "said Beyoncé.

After six months off, the pop diva back a few weeks ago with a new look that has won the covers of celebrity and fashion.

Beyoncé took the launch of his new single to promote its collection of fall fashion, 'Dereon. "

Our Comment: Beautiful image which looks very pretty as it ever was .. From here we send greetings and good luck in your career.

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