Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo wants to fight in the quarterfinals of the Champions

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi said that Real Madrid want the spend the knockout round, played tonight. But said he did not want to stick it directly to find quarters for the cup.

Beat the Madrid and continue, but the other way. I do not like to get him in the quarter, "said Leo Messi sincere in that TV network.

"We, Madrid and Chelsea are the favorites in the Champions League," said Argentine Barza another TV interview in which he declined to go to appreciate the various insinuations about doping arbitration aid received in recent days.

Also, Messi said to continue in the Champions League after winning in the second round at Arsenal, has given "strength." "It's important to be in the Champions''.''We had a tie with Arsenal very complicated and it gives us great strength for the rest," he argued.

On the edge of Barcelona on the CR7 Madrid in the league, he continued: "I do not know if it is key, but change much if we get five points if we do not. Five points are an important advantage. Five Points provide reassurance." "In the match at the Bernabeu, they will need to go find him, to win and we have to play with it"

Our comment: Good luck to all teams that are fighting for this valuable prize is the Cup.

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